We sell mainly to distributors and leading brands. We sell in both a private label and OEM capacity.

We sell to all global markets including all of Europe, North and South America, Australia and others.
Our web site and catalog only show examples of the work we do. We sell many other products that we do not show on our website. Please inquire and we will try to help. We never show our OEM product designs publicly as we keep these items confidential. We do our own custom product designs as well as assist customers with their new product designs.
Yes. Product design is one of our strengths. We assist customers with their new product designs as well as product packaging etc. We also do our own product designs which we currently sell in a private label capacity. SinoBlue is a product design company.
We are strong at designing equestrian leg protection. We are also strong at other synthetics and items such as hardware and plastics tooling.
No, we normally do not sell to individual shops/retailers. If they are a chain of stores then this is possible.
No, we do not use Pay Pal. Some customers ask if they can purchase samples and pay for shipping using Pay Pal Most companies we work with (OEM Brands, Distributors) have accounts for global express shipping. Many times we will provide samples for no charge if the customer pays for the shipping. If a potential customer does not have a global express account, it means they are not purchasing overseas as this is a normal business requirement.